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Could Roaches In Crestview Be Making Your Allergies Worse?

December 15, 2022 - Cockroaches

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Allergies are the worst. Life is challenging enough without having to deal with breathing problems every time you step outside. Imagine for a second that your breathing problems don’t just occur when you go outdoors. This is what it is often like for people with allergies living with a cockroach infestation. These local pests are a huge problem that you do not need right now. Call Cadenhead Services Pest Control for immediate pest control in Crestview to combat these pests. Continue reading to learn more about the cockroaches in our area, and discover why they are such a big problem.

Does Seeing One Cockroach Mean You Have An Infestation?

Cockroaches are not solitary pests. They prefer to live in groups. Keeping this in mind, if you see a single cockroach inside your home during the day, it most likely is a sign that your home has a full-blown infestation. We assume it is full-blown because cockroaches are shy and will usually not come out in broad daylight unless there is not enough food to feed all of their family members at night. Here are a few other signs of cockroaches that might help you identify these pests.

  • Specs of excrement
  • A foul odor
  • Grease smears
  • Dead roaches
  • Shed skin
  • Egg casings

For more help spotting these bugs inside your home, bring in our team for a quick pest inspection. We would be more than happy to help you identify an infestation.

Cockroaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Disease

Cockroaches cause problems when they enter homes; this is an undeniable fact. Issues usually start when roaches find something nasty inside or around your home. This might include some rotting meat, a pile of animal excrement, or human waste. After nibbling on and crawling over these nasty things, cockroaches will then carry bacteria, pathogens, and parasitic worms they pick up throughout the homes they enter. If you eat food that is contaminated or touch a surface these pests have sullied, you could run the risk of getting sick. If you want to know what diseases do cockroaches carry, here are a few: salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, and the plague. 

Another serious problem that comes with cockroaches is the chance of an asthma attack or other respiratory issues. This problem stems from roach droppings and shed skin that acts like dust as they are picked up into the air by ventilation currents. 

How And Why Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Your Home

Cockroaches get into local homes by crawling through gaps, cracks, and other openings they can find. The main reason why these pests invade homes is to find food, moisture, and shelter. They find these things around basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other similar areas. The kicker is that roaches do not need much to be happy. If there are tight places to squeeze between, crumbs to nibble on, and condensation, they will be happy campers. 

The Fast And Safe Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

If you are looking for a fast way to get rid of cockroaches, you are in the right place. Our Cadenhead Services Pest Control team understands invasive local species and has the tools and training to combat pests like cockroaches inside local homes. All you need to do is invite us over for a service visit. We will evaluate your home for any existing pest problems and recommend a course of action to get and keep invasive species out year-round.

Call now for a free quote or to learn more about our cockroach control and other service options. Let us find a treatment time that works for your Crestview home to help you avoid potentially dangerous pests.