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Pest Spotlight: All About Asian Cockroaches In Crestview

November 15, 2022 - Cockroaches

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Asian cockroaches are some of the less commonly known species in Crestview, but that doesn't mean we can ignore them. Just like all area cockroaches, Asian cockroaches bring a variety of health risks wherever they travel and require a prompt response from Crestview pest control

At Cadenhead Services Pest Control, we provide specialized services for Asian cockroaches as well as other common local pests. Call today to request an inspection for your property, or keep reading to learn more about these pests. 

Where Are These Asian Cockroaches Coming From?

Asian cockroaches are primarily outdoor pests. Appearing in the United States in the 1980s, having spread from Japan through imports, the primary habitat of Asian cockroaches is outdoor areas in shaded mulched or composted areas with plenty of fresh plant litter. Like all cockroaches, Asian cockroaches are likely to increase their populations to alarming numbers, with as many as 30,000 to 250,000 individuals per acre in highly infested areas. 

While these roaches share a number of physical similarities with German cockroaches, there are also some differences. Asian cockroaches are strong fliers allowing them to invade a variety of structures. They are especially attracted to light-colored surfaces and brightly lit areas. 

Should I Be Worried If I See An Asian Cockroach In My Bathroom?

Any cockroach sighting in your home is cause for alarm. While Asian cockroaches are not aggressive, it's not bites and stings that allow cockroaches to hurt you but rather the bacteria and pathogens that they spread. And then you need to consider how fast cockroaches multiply.

Each female Asian cockroach produces approximately four egg capsules or oothecae in their short lifetime, and each of these cases contains just under 40 eggs. Even spotting just one roach in the bathroom should give rise to a concern that an infestation is developing if not already present. 

How Hard Are Asian Roaches To Get Rid Of

If you look at a list of cockroach facts, it's easy to see that getting rid of cockroaches is no easy task. These insects are hardy pests that can survive being submerged in water, attempts to crush them, starvation, and lack of water. They have adapted to survive in a variety of environments, are resistant to many pesticides, and are experts at staying out of sight. The best way to deal with Asian roaches is to focus on how to deter cockroaches and avoid them in the first place by minimizing factors that could attract them to your property, such as brush piles and other outdoor debris. Once Asian cockroaches have settled near your home, the best thing you can do is to seek professional assistance. 

Professional Help To Get Asian Cockroaches Away From My Home

If you are looking for pest control for roaches, it's best to call in the experts. At Cadenhead Services Pest Control, we offer specialized Asian Cockroach Treatments to rid your property of these troublesome pests. 

Since Asian cockroaches primarily live outside, we concentrate our efforts on the exterior of your home, providing a perimeter band that defends your property. We also use granular products to seal any entry points and treat areas like flower beds and other landscaping with liquid products and granules for added protection. This quarterly treatment prevents roaches from entering your home and stops them from infesting your property. If you want to avoid Asian cockroaches, give the experts at Cadenhead Services Pest Control a call today.