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The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Crestview Homes

December 15, 2021 - Cockroaches

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What can hold their breath for 40 minutes, survive without their heads, and live for more than a month without feeding? If you guessed cockroaches, you’d be right!

Crestview cockroaches include the brown-banded, American, Oriental, and German roach. These pests are common invaders of homes and businesses, sometimes to the point of population overgrowth. After all, that ‘one little roach’ you saw running through the kitchen is probably a much bigger infestation than you realize.

Today, we’re going to be looking at all the dangers posed by common Crestview cockroaches and why your home may have seen a spike in activity over the last few weeks. 

All The Reasons Why You Might Have Cockroach Activity In Crestview 

From their grimy bodies to their unsettling physical characteristics, roaches are the last pest you’ll want to find in your Crestview home.

Contrary to popular belief, roaches do not indicate poor hygiene or bad housekeeping. These pests are not picky and will infest almost any environment. Homes that aren’t as clean may provide more of what cockroaches love, but not necessarily enough to attract entire colonies.

Truthfully, roaches can survive on almost nothing! Just about any home or building in Crestview could become infested, which is why proper prevention is paramount to long-term security. 

The Dangers Of Crestview Roaches 

We know that roach infestations are gross and unwelcome, but just how dangerous can these insects become?

We know that roaches prefer to spend their time in dark, dirty, and damp locations. These areas tend to amass large amounts of pathogens and bacterial growths, many of which can affect humans. Roaches carry dangerous pathogens on their bodies, picking up and dropping off new vectors as they wander through unsanitary places. As they enter habituated buildings, roaches smear hazardous strains of bacteria and viruses across surfaces, counters, and food items. What’s more, their discarded skin and carcasses may trigger asthma or allergies in victims.

Food, water, and even baking ingredients can be affected by the activities of Crestview cockroaches. If you suspect that there might be activity near your property, you will want to find some prevention measures as soon as possible. 

Cadenhead Services Pest Control Eliminates Cockroaches At A Glance 

Roach infestations can be overwhelming to manage alone. With a fast reproduction rate and the incredible ability to survive almost any obstacle, roach infestations prevent homeowners from living the lives they want. The dangerous elements found in cockroach waste, eating habits, and exoskeletons could keep property owners and loved ones in fear.

Prevention steps and do-it-yourself (DIY) measures help defend against infestations throughout the year. However, they rarely, if ever, can destroy an established cockroach problem. 

If you are struggling with cockroaches in the Crestview area, you may need the help of Cadenhead Services Pest Control. As your local and family-owned pest agency, Cadenhead Services Pest Control has been “buggin’ bugs since 1983.” We have multiple decades of experience to our name and dozens of five-star reviews that prove we have what it takes to eliminate any infestation. 

Don’t risk it all for Crestview roaches. Instead, contact the cockroach control experts at Cadenhead Services Pest Control at the first sign of a problem. Have some questions first? Our online contact form is available to fill out at any time.