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Mosquito Control In Crestview, FL

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Cadenhead Services Pest Control Mosquito Treatments

All mosquito services from Cadenhead Services Pest Control begin with a proper inspection. We will specifically look for conditions conducive to pests and make recommendations that help limit their spread. 

Every home and business landscape is different, meaning that unique products and services should always fit the individual. We offer four major types of mosquito control services in Crestview:

  • We offer an abatement program that focuses on reducing mosquito numbers. We place In2Care systems near mosquito breeding hotspots around your property, which include areas of moisture, shade, and shrubbery. 
  • We offer fogging services for large outdoor events. According to research, fogging can deter mosquitoes for up to a month. 
  • We offer a mosquito misting system that we can install into the structure of the home. 
  • We leverage the power of INZECTO mosquito traps, which release adulticides and larvicides that kill egg-laying females and developing larvae. 

Our mosquito abatement services are monthly but may be more or less frequent depending on the weather (such as rain). Keep in mind that all mosquito abatement services are seasonal and run between February or March to the end of October.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Crestview Property

Once mosquitoes are completely removed from your property, you will want to maintain your pest-free state by enacting solid mosquito prevention steps. After an abatement service, the following are some of the best ways to keep mosquitoes far away from your property.

  • Remove all sources of standing water that are present around your property; fountains and birdbaths are some of the most obvious, as well as children's toys, dog bowls, buckets, and even tarps. 
  • Eliminate leaf piles and rotting weeds that could be holding humidity and allowing mosquitoes to breed. 
  • Do what you can to keep foliage and shrubbery well-trimmed. Mow the lawn frequently to remove shady harborage zones.

For more advice and assistance related to mosquito prevention for Crestview properties, please reach out to Cadenhead Services Pest Control.

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Since 1983, Cadenhead Services Pest Control has been a leading provider of mosquito control in Crestview. If your home, business, or specialty property is experiencing an influx of mosquito activity, you know who to call. Submit an online contact form to get connected with a specialist in your area.